Unfolded, refolded & unfolded again

Yesterday when I placed my pieces on the table I had to put them very near to each other because there was no space enough on the table, but is my belive that everything happens for a reason and for this reason mentioned above I saw a fantastic composition with the pieces that I did for investigator project, from the top angel I did this photo, I could see from the beginning of that composition that I was creating new shapes from a completely new view, new angle new perspective.

(It is important to say that some of my prototypes have been destroyed because I used them to do a new artwork, or from the 2 D collages a new object, is a back and foward process, but my process of destroying pieces or decomposing and re-do it can be seen on my blog.)

Going back to the photo I took yesterday I would like to mention Barlow’s writing. She says that the curiosity in sculpture is that walking around the sculpture, we realize, things can disappear and reappear, holding on to the totality is complex. The fact that a sculpture is a constantly changing phenomenon which unfolds, refolds again, you can find it extremely restless. A sculpture comes alive when it is activated by the viewer. If we go around or stop randomly beside a sculpture, we can look up or down even on occasion through to the other side, and as we do so, something massive can come up and from another angle, it can suddenly disappear. Solidity is more illusory than we might think.

Kandinsky anticipates the emergence of abstract art as a purest form of influence on the human soul. The work of the viewer is to find within him or herself the purity of perception, which at this level, does not relate to the beauty of nature. The emotions of expressionist, the experiments of cubist, all these stages have long been passed, and now the task of the viewer is to see the beauty of pure colour and pure shape.



Exploring materials for the Evolve publication

I was exploring materials left in the studio, and I also had many photocopies of images from the evolve publication and I decided to make more versions of the publication with those materials and the photocopies.

I was doing collage with different shapes of the same image, I limited my palette using the same image that I had in some photocopies, the same process was for the rest of the publication.

Material, gouashe, maskintape, staples, photocopies

the content leads to process and the process leads to content.

Yestarday while I was collecting my collages from project 4 and 5 i saw one of my art work on top of the other one, I realized it was a better composition if i overlap them, I allowed mistake to occur.

Each collage has own process, and own identity, it came into my mind the poem of ‘ a Rose is a Rose is a Rose’ of Gertrude Stein, interpreted as a meaning ‘things are what they are’ a statement of the law of identity, so a collage is a collage and each collage has its own identiy, own material, own process, own colour, own story but all are collages and each one has its own identiy.

Critical reflection of my journey at the RCA.

Joining this course undoubtedly helped me to approach my practice in a completely different way , going deeper into contemporary art research and methods. Through combining reading, writing and making I became more confident expressing and articulating my ideas and my artistic outcome. Lastly, I believe I improved my visual language challenging at the same time the hegemony of the two-dimensional art disciplines that dominated my practice in the past.

At this point of my life and my creative practice, interaction with other artists is very important for my development as an artist as I perceive making as an organic and collaborative process that is based on neverending learning and sharing. During the course I found particularly interesting how for me the most effective way of working was to do it with other people but using my idea as the leading force. I really benefited from working with other inspiring artists but found it difficult to give appropriate feedback when we were working on a shared project. As the course comes to an end I would like to continuously strive to be surrounded by other artists and maintain a studio in a thriving environment for the same reason.

Another thing that the course taught me is the significance of having a flexible approach and also how important it is to constantly develop your skills. The Grad Dip’s structure nurtured the idea inside me that I have to aim for a multidisciplinary practice and always aim to discover and evolve. It was challenging for me to come across my weaknesses through the various assignments but at the same time it was empowering to be able to understand my strengths. As I was and I am primarily a maker, in terms of production, it really took me off my comfort zone to have to write essays and follow specific academic requirements. However, paradoxically the reading and writing really shaped my way of making and since I finished my main essay I felt more confident with my own work.

One more important chapter during my time in the RCA was the exploration of materiality and how vital it proved to be for my work. Inspired by fellow students, members of staff but also the amazing facilities, I was constantly seeking to integrate new materials and techniques in my making. I experimented with wood, metal, photography and more recently video disciplines that I have not previously used in my work.

In the future I am planning to start working with the prints on a much larger scope. I would like to incorporate the idea of scale in my work and make combinations of etchings and three-dimensional elements in order to transform my pieces into installations that will have haptic and sculptural qualities. I want to grasp on the opportunity that the Graduate Diploma gave me, to re-approach my practice and become more professional about it, and aim to incorporate what I’ve learned into realised exhibitions. I also want to research deeper and find the time and space to do it by applying for artist residencies in the UK and abroad. I hope that I will be able to successfully continue the new phase that just started for me in the RCA and enjoy the benefits of leading a creative life. 

Despite the Project has arrived to an end in my mind I continue obsess with the Project investigator.

In front of Henry Moore sculpture again after the 3 montha when I first saw it. today I see it with a different mind. ANd of course different mind new eyes, another perception and from an other angel.
´the Arch´sculpture.

Despite the project has arrived to an end I continue obsess with the project investigator.

The project investigator and realise will remain with me as I perceive art as a non ending process, Today I was again in front of the sculpture of Henry Moore with a different perception than I had two months ago when I fist saw it.

As a consequence of my research about Fhyllida Barlow and many other artist during the Graduate diploma today I saw the sculpture of Henry Moore with a new perspective in terms of Volum, shapes, textures. Henry Moore was responding to the human form,bones, helments and organic shapes, similarly I experience the same process and ideas responding from my 2D collages to 3D objects, it is a call and respond outcome.

Today at the Picasso exhibition at RA

Today I also visited the Picasso exhibition,He was fascinated with paper and a desire to manipulate diverse materials. Nowhere is his protean spirit more evident tan in his relentless exploration of working on and with paper. he draw on a wide range of papers. He assembled collages of cut and pasted papers créate sculptures from pieces of torn and burnt paper, and spent decades investigatin an array of printmaking techniques on paper supports.The exhibition of Picasso present a broad overview of Picasso´s engagement with hpaper.

Objects with a range and diversity of his use of paper.

the paper Works are related with the paintings, Picasso invented a universo of art involving varios types of paper in different formats and context.


Some feedback – the final critic.

From the far away is quite interesting because you see different things, outside it looks hard and solid, but you don´t know what is inside and you want to go and check it.

A deconstruct of another reality, a light is something to consider.

You can see green reflected to the blue. The rigor on the outside it contain the organic shapes inside.

The bits and pieces of the  outside giving connection of what is inside, but at the same time is so opposite, the box is the finish piece, the outside pieces are not so shiny, one doesn’t know if is in porpoise.

When you look inside you become part of it because you see yourself inside the box.

Someone say that it would be great to see the box moving from one side to another and could be the analogy of moving of oneself to another self.

From the holes there are different views and you can see different shapes, is a kind of disorientating,