We are exploring the circle Line, the line of eternity.


The city as a montage.The old and the new.

Psychogeography, the city as a montage, movement on abstract walk.

How can we unpack the psychogeography.

BOOKS, FILMS, ARTIST. Bibliography.

Films of Patrick Keiller, Ian Sinclair. Daniel Defoe. the films Dog in a moon film.The man who wasn’t there . Still Man.

Nadja book. Andrei Tarkovsky ,mirror.Stephane Mallame.

The Thomas Crown Affair. Soul Bass

Jeremy Deller.

William Morris.

Ian Sinclair films .

Katie Mitchell

Rosemarie Castoro.

Almuth Von tebenhoff.

Borges.Laberints book.

Daniel Defoe.

Depend on your psychology y define the streets in different ways, all is about your perception.

Silences squares for silences sculptures,Forms with letters made in 3D.

New ways of exploring spaces,the sound ,the smell,how i feel,and abstract way of thinking about the city.

Forms from Martin Puyear, Afro Basaldell mosaics,the letters of Klee,Jasper Johns,the collages of Mark Bradford like maps of the city,Jaume Plensa, Claire Doherty,Jens hoffman,Iwona Blarwich.the book of Vitamin P2 ,Vitamin C Clay and ceramics,the Rules of abstraction with Mathew Colins,Vitamin P3 Vitamin 3D New perspective in sculpture and installation.



First thing I saw when I got to Westminster station was two handsome guys selling toilet paper with the face of Trump printed on it.

Westminster Abbey. I am already here. The place reminds me of Fra Angelico. What a fantastic feeling! it is a resting place, an oasis of spiritual London. Feeling good about going back to past memories in Florence but also about being here in the present moment and with my mind in the future, unfolding the time, everything is happening now. It comes to my mind Paul Klee’s and Agnes Martin’s paintings. Donald Trump’s prints on toilet paper.

A violinist is playing, Chalkie will arrive soon she is texting me texting me about doing an app for the project. I feel excited about all this. The violinist is coming near me, he stops playing and starts picking up pieces of paper on the floor and puts them in the bin.The traffic comes to a halt. I can only hear the seagulls.She arrives full of ideas and a beautiful smile.

She keeps telling me we go up something and then we go along something,Barbara Hepworth,the idea of looking through and the connection between things.

Next day i respond to this with a collage with verticals and horizontals, with stones in the middle, the stones of history, stones of Westminster Abbey.

Today she is telling me about Alice in wonderland ,we both liked this book,maybe we are going to call the app . DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE.

Shakespeare is buried at Westminster Abbey ,letters and more letters, The Roman letters that i saw yesterday at the museum of London, and Jaume Plensa that i saw this morning in internet all is store now in my mind.

We keep exploring the Abbey,we both like the texture, the result of human interaction with the stones, the mark making, we do some rubbing with the textures of the stones, Finally we take the bus 11 towards the arts club,but we decide to go the time, it will be better if is night time.

today is sunday.

James Joyce. I want to read about Stream of consciousness and apply it to the process of experiencing art .


Barbican. Conversation with Chalkie. She starts speaking .

It is about movement, the wind is blowing that way the water moving towards as, is making a sound, the stairs its backing us, but if I am correct the pathways it is locked.

The people are moving in different speed but the water is constant.

Is the seagull the answer?

So what is the question?

This is because the circle line is eternal.

Now two seagulls ,that means there is two answers, of what question?

Sometimes there is more than one answer to the question.

The idea of the wind being inconsistency but the sky is consistent

We are fascinated about this staircase where people move up and down.

What I like about this staircase, How things going in and out

Monet on the water, Sonia Delaneau on the walls.

This vertical is directional maybe we could do a directional sculpture.

We going on something ,then we go up something, Let’s go to monument.

Soho is quite squidly, the clouds go round the planet, as they  have done for millenniums and we are at Barbican and this is very new. Smells baking bread. Gabs between spaces and time.

Mister Milton .the autor of paradise lost is buried here. At Saint Giles Church.


Sense of place.

Relationship between the buildings . The drawing is the process of looking. Notion of interpretation. notion of the city. Go to the same place coming from different places.

Back and forward between different medias.

 Alternatives ways to record experience.

Different speeds in the city depending on the time.

Draw a piece of music make a piece of music by drawing.

We will not have new thoughts unless we get unbalance.

Westminster Abbey.


Tolomy the arquitect of staircase of the Westminster Abbey talks about verticality, that’s why i respond with a collage with verticals and stones with the marks left behind and stones as boxes of information.

Westminister bell ringing .The ansienat  soul of the and the way they support the new. 


The clouds they go around one way ,wind goes in different way and the people are going up and down ,back and forward because they are random. Fountains they go up and down, Thames goes up and down.

Time and tide on the Barbican, time and tide wait for no man.

Sound and smell and textures. How the sound relate the space.

The smell at barbican is water and Westminster smells books.

The hearing becoming visual ,experience of Synaesthesia.


Robinson Crusoe.

Patrick Keiller.

BIBLIO.Dog in the moon film.

Woody Allen Film.Helic.

Tania Bripena.o Bripana.

Sophie Calle

Doble Game .Gotham handbook.

Stephane Mallame.

Nadja. Book .walking around the city

The man who wasn’t there film.

Andrei Tarkovsky.Mirrow.

Andy holdon.



It Feels commercial, new, there is no smiles ,is almost sterilise, because there is no layers and layers of history  ,Westminster is fighting for their soul, and Barbican is intellectual ,cinema, art and music.

Everything is about lines, I can fell lines, the deconstruction for the fire, verticals and horizontal lines, my respond is a drawing made with pieces of a broken etching. A Destruction of an etching and a reconstruction of a new drawing with the pieces left behind .The analogy of the destroyed etching with the fire of London

The Hub came out in our conversations. Hubs hubs and Hubs .Are so necessary in our live,we all need a hub, and everyone has their own hub.

Gatherings in the squares, in the city each area has own hub, own square. All squares are different meeting places. Food, taverns , places which come together people, Breaking the bread. Jesus ,last supper

Maybe we go in a journey looking for hubs in London, we have the M25 inside the M25 is London the central ,is also like a hub.

The Corean Tutor talked about the food and the family comes together.