Critical reflection of my journey at the RCA.

Joining this course undoubtedly helped me to approach my practice in a completely different way , going deeper into contemporary art research and methods. Through combining reading, writing and making I became more confident expressing and articulating my ideas and my artistic outcome. Lastly, I believe I improved my visual language challenging at the same time the hegemony of the two-dimensional art disciplines that dominated my practice in the past.

At this point of my life and my creative practice, interaction with other artists is very important for my development as an artist as I perceive making as an organic and collaborative process that is based on neverending learning and sharing. During the course I found particularly interesting how for me the most effective way of working was to do it with other people but using my idea as the leading force. I really benefited from working with other inspiring artists but found it difficult to give appropriate feedback when we were working on a shared project. As the course comes to an end I would like to continuously strive to be surrounded by other artists and maintain a studio in a thriving environment for the same reason.

Another thing that the course taught me is the significance of having a flexible approach and also how important it is to constantly develop your skills. The Grad Dip’s structure nurtured the idea inside me that I have to aim for a multidisciplinary practice and always aim to discover and evolve. It was challenging for me to come across my weaknesses through the various assignments but at the same time it was empowering to be able to understand my strengths. As I was and I am primarily a maker, in terms of production, it really took me off my comfort zone to have to write essays and follow specific academic requirements. However, paradoxically the reading and writing really shaped my way of making and since I finished my main essay I felt more confident with my own work.

One more important chapter during my time in the RCA was the exploration of materiality and how vital it proved to be for my work. Inspired by fellow students, members of staff but also the amazing facilities, I was constantly seeking to integrate new materials and techniques in my making. I experimented with wood, metal, photography and more recently video disciplines that I have not previously used in my work.

In the future I am planning to start working with the prints on a much larger scope. I would like to incorporate the idea of scale in my work and make combinations of etchings and three-dimensional elements in order to transform my pieces into installations that will have haptic and sculptural qualities. I want to grasp on the opportunity that the Graduate Diploma gave me, to re-approach my practice and become more professional about it, and aim to incorporate what I’ve learned into realised exhibitions. I also want to research deeper and find the time and space to do it by applying for artist residencies in the UK and abroad. I hope that I will be able to successfully continue the new phase that just started for me in the RCA and enjoy the benefits of leading a creative life. 


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