Unfolded, refolded & unfolded again

Yesterday when I placed my pieces on the table I had to put them very near to each other because there was no space enough on the table, but is my belive that everything happens for a reason and for this reason mentioned above I saw a fantastic composition with the pieces that I did for investigator project, from the top angel I did this photo, I could see from the beginning of that composition that I was creating new shapes from a completely new view, new angle new perspective.

(It is important to say that some of my prototypes have been destroyed because I used them to do a new artwork, or from the 2 D collages a new object, is a back and foward process, but my process of destroying pieces or decomposing and re-do it can be seen on my blog.)

Going back to the photo I took yesterday I would like to mention Barlow’s writing. She says that the curiosity in sculpture is that walking around the sculpture, we realize, things can disappear and reappear, holding on to the totality is complex. The fact that a sculpture is a constantly changing phenomenon which unfolds, refolds again, you can find it extremely restless. A sculpture comes alive when it is activated by the viewer. If we go around or stop randomly beside a sculpture, we can look up or down even on occasion through to the other side, and as we do so, something massive can come up and from another angle, it can suddenly disappear. Solidity is more illusory than we might think.

Kandinsky anticipates the emergence of abstract art as a purest form of influence on the human soul. The work of the viewer is to find within him or herself the purity of perception, which at this level, does not relate to the beauty of nature. The emotions of expressionist, the experiments of cubist, all these stages have long been passed, and now the task of the viewer is to see the beauty of pure colour and pure shape.



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