Some feedback – the final critic.

From the far away is quite interesting because you see different things, outside it looks hard and solid, but you don´t know what is inside and you want to go and check it.

A deconstruct of another reality, a light is something to consider.

You can see green reflected to the blue. The rigor on the outside it contain the organic shapes inside.

The bits and pieces of the  outside giving connection of what is inside, but at the same time is so opposite, the box is the finish piece, the outside pieces are not so shiny, one doesn’t know if is in porpoise.

When you look inside you become part of it because you see yourself inside the box.

Someone say that it would be great to see the box moving from one side to another and could be the analogy of moving of oneself to another self.

From the holes there are different views and you can see different shapes, is a kind of disorientating,


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