Unsetle rather than comfort .


I want to unsetle rather than comfort, I did a collage 3 weeks a go, I though it was finish, but I decide that I could push farther and I cut it out,I added papers that I painted 4 years ago, this morning I thought why not to cut it again and I added a new 3D shape . I will situated near the mirror box to create a contradictory display it looks contradictory but is not.

I pretend to unsettle the public with this two contradictory pieces.They look contradictory one looks shinny surrounded by mirrors, reflecting shapes and colours the other one is with  unshiny papers and located without any box. IS THE IN AND OUT,The starting point of the two pieces are the same but they develop in a different way and different materials.

intention of breaking up space, looking for the shapes in between, open up or containing in, conect things toguether, infinity, reflection of the self, perception of the self, the fiction, the real.


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