Despite the Project has arrived to an end in my mind I continue obsess with the Project investigator.

In front of Henry Moore sculpture again after the 3 montha when I first saw it. today I see it with a different mind. ANd of course different mind new eyes, another perception and from an other angel.
´the Arch´sculpture.

Despite the project has arrived to an end I continue obsess with the project investigator.

The project investigator and realise will remain with me as I perceive art as a non ending process, Today I was again in front of the sculpture of Henry Moore with a different perception than I had two months ago when I fist saw it.

As a consequence of my research about Fhyllida Barlow and many other artist during the Graduate diploma today I saw the sculpture of Henry Moore with a new perspective in terms of Volum, shapes, textures. Henry Moore was responding to the human form,bones, helments and organic shapes, similarly I experience the same process and ideas responding from my 2D collages to 3D objects, it is a call and respond outcome.

Today at the Picasso exhibition at RA

Today I also visited the Picasso exhibition,He was fascinated with paper and a desire to manipulate diverse materials. Nowhere is his protean spirit more evident tan in his relentless exploration of working on and with paper. he draw on a wide range of papers. He assembled collages of cut and pasted papers créate sculptures from pieces of torn and burnt paper, and spent decades investigatin an array of printmaking techniques on paper supports.The exhibition of Picasso present a broad overview of Picasso´s engagement with hpaper.

Objects with a range and diversity of his use of paper.

the paper Works are related with the paintings, Picasso invented a universo of art involving varios types of paper in different formats and context.


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