Preserving of memories and a destruction of memories. Past, present and future. Let´s do a failed object.

Been easy and joyfull, understanding why I do the things I am doing, trying to get to know my identity and loosing at the same time.

My future Will be in 3D.back and forward and the interaction between ready made objects and my objects. TODAY IS ABOUT FAILURE.


From some leaflets of Amy sillmans I created new 3d shapes,this was happening becouse i did not have any expectation, and the only expectation i had it was about to fail.

WHAT WERE THE MEMORIES WHEN I WAS DOING THE FAILED OBJECT? .Memories of Joan Miro this present moment, when i was studying in Barcelona, then in Italy, Birolli, Marino Marini ,Afro Basaldella. Now I am in London and Patric Heron is also in the present moment.

Maybe I have not been completely consious about that, but the shapes of the Failed object is telling me what is going on.


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