I collaborate in this animation ,now at this present moment at the RCA studio I planted the seed for the next animation.

Animation workshop at Royal Drawing School with Jonathan Farr, now after some years I Will do a new animation, I am going back and foward from past Works and i bring them to the present.

Animation weekend workshop. VIMEO-JONATHAN FARR. 26 MAR, 2015 TITLE ICARUS.

this was an animation workshop, and it will be a new future work, now at the the RCA studio I planted the seed for the next animation.

I participated to create this animation during a course at the Royal drawing school of art, now at RCA it came back the idea to do collaboration with Jonathan Farr again for an animation.

Now we are exploring different medias maybe that’s why I am open to new things I have just done one animations in all my live and I don’t have experience but I am really excited to do this new work.


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