The mute colours of Agnes Martin. and the saturated and unsaturated colours of Patrick Heron.

Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin.

I am interested in the mute colours and meditative way of doing of Agnes Martin.

Her live is interesting and also her approache.

she was interested in Tao filosophy. and the minimal of her paintings are related with the country of -Mexico, where she lived for some years.

I am interested with her colours and shapes and her interpretation of the Mexico lanscapes.

In my installations I am interested in  shapes, mute colours and saturated and unsaturated colours , the interaction between them, what is next to each other is relevant

Patrick Heron.

I keep looking this english Artist, the interaction between saturated colours and unsaturated colours, the tones and the shapes. I am interested with the music of visual Arts. colours ,shapes and tones can make a sound. Some images can change your mood the same with the sound and the taste. I think we all want to take the most of live and we want to feel Good and have emotions which makes you feel in Good mood.


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