visiting Exhibitions during the investigator Project.

twombly artist.
Eliasson prototypes.
hodgking artist,
yuri Suzuki.
Albert Oehlen.
Frank Gehry’s at the design museum.
Nam June Paik. Artist.


Nam June Paik

Played a leading role in bridging the gap between art and technology always innovative, his work encompassed a variedty of artistic genres, from sculpture and performace to music and live broadcasting.

With TV garden 1974-77, Paik imagine a future landscape where technology is an integral part of the natural world.His approach follows the Buddhist belief that all things are interdependent and closely connected. It also suggests that technology is not in conflict with nature but an extendion of the human realm.

Introdution of elements of chance into the process of composition had a huge influence on Palk’s work.

Paik had a solo exhibition in Wuppertal. Germany, entitled `Exposition of Music-Electronic television.Three storeys of a villa converted  into a gallery were filled with immersive environments and sculptures that invited the active participation of the audience. There were musical instruments made or modified by the artist, an array of dangling objects playing random noises as they moved and rattled. In the basement visitors could create their own compositions by reproducing snippets of music using modified record an tape players.

In the project investigator , I am thinking to introduce mobile shapes inspires by Calder ,moving shapes with projections and sound to stimulate the senses, Olafur is another influence referring to the senses, the public will have another influence in the art work because depending how the public is moving inside the room will be different projections, or sounds, every time will be different  depending on the intervention of the public, if there is two persons in the room the installation will be acting in a different way than if there will be one person.

Olafur Eliasson.

Eliasson has created a broad body of work that includes immersive installations, sculptures, photography and paintings. The materials he uses range from moss, glacial melt-water and fog, to light and reflective metals. Eliasson´s art comes from three particularly important interest.  He research into geometry, and his ongoing investigations into how we perceive, feel about and shape the world around us.

Eliasson puts experience at the centre of his art. He hopes that as you encounter it, you become aware of your senses. This heightened awareness of yourself an other people creates a new sense of responsibility.

Eliasson puts experience at the centre of his art. He hopes that as you encounter it ,you become more aware of your senses. This heightened awareness of yourself and other people creates a new sense of responsibility.


Twombly made his sculptures from found materials such as plaster, wood, and irong, as well as from objects that he habitually used and handled in the studio. He created assemblages with this found materials.

Many of Twombly’s sculptures are coated in white paint, which unifies and neutralizes the assembled materials. He recalls traditions of Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculpture. He began casting some of his assemblages in bronze.

Yuri Suzuki.

Acoustic Pavilion.

interactive instalation.

Suzuki´s auditory installation explores the connections between the formal and the Sonic qualities of space and architecture the network of White plastic pipes and clourful conical caps invites the audience to experiment with the way sound transforme through space.

In the investigator project the idea is to introduce sound, and invite the people to interact with the instalation, my idea is to have a panel with different shapes and colours, each shape Will have a sound when the public Will touch it, they can create they own composition with sound, the sound Will be related with different countries and religions, and the idea is to explore exploring feelings and perceptions that we have with countries and religions, or politcs.

to be in an unconfortable feeling is one of the ways to acces to your unconsious. Is not fun but usefull.

Duchamp. ready made objects.

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