prototypes for an instalations.


I am doing compositions with some shapes that are painted with saturated and unsaturated colours,  Mixing with 3D objects made with ´damage´ etchings, material and shapes guide me what to add next to it, I am using intuition but the intuition  is defenetly sitting on the shoulder of the knowledge even if sometimes It can be an obtical, if I wouldn’t want any obtical I will do like Phyllida Barlow did with is objects working on a dark room and just was making them with the feeling of the taugh.

Two saturated with same tone colours have a more powefull interation than a different tone and one saturated and the other disaturated .

Some of the shapes on paper I found in the streets( that grabs my attention  are ready made shapes)others I cut them from old papers or from discarded (damage) etchings. I found one fabulous paper with gold and green on the floor in the street , and is a bit damage, that makes the paper more alive. Actually Julian told me today that the 3D objects and the flat shapes looks a bit damage from the weather, and I thought about the mod and insects of the studio in Africa of Miquel Barcelo, im interested the weather play his role, also my marks and smages ,or layers of colours on the paper left behind,bring them to the present and do a new collage with them.

In the last project of Artefact I didn’t mixt flat papers with 3d object. After been at tate modern with my mates of RCA I saw an installation of Irina Nakthona and I decide that the compositions  I am doing could go inside a room not as an sculpture or object ,but as an installation.

Kurt Schwitter and William kentridge also are some of the artist which influence me in this project.

Kurt Schwitter for the introduction of having 3D shapes  been part of a room not separate of the room, a respond of the space.

And William kentridge for the animations, projections.

Interation of colour, form and introducing music.

Kandisky said each form has a sound as well each colour. Saturated color are activating each other doesn’t matter the tone but it matters that has to be the same tone if you want the hight interation.(projections of colours and colours and shapes with materials, each projection has a note of music, Rothko with his layers of different tones and colours and with the sound you see how the colour is changing, each of his painting has a different sound, sound is a bit influence in our mind, probably it goes direct to the heart ignoring the mind as well all other senses)we can manipulate feelings  how we want.

Thoughts follow the view and the way round. An installation,painting or sculpture can makes you and inversion of thought and the way

round also. Or maybe is an inversion of the heart?

Olafur shows in some of his art works different perspectives and perceptions at the  same time. All is about our mind, we can guide it or it can guide as.

I admire Anthony Caro he was influenced by American Abstract artist of the same generation. His work enacts the movement from figurative to non figurative abstraction which characterizes British sculpture of the 1950-60 he abandoned the anthropomorphic motifs of his early work in favor of dynamic. Expressionistic assemblages of steel and other materials, he was doing a lot of assemblages with different materials, One of Caro´s most innovative technical maneuvers was to integrate the spaces and surfaces around the sculpture into the work itself, removing his works from the plinth.

Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth they move from figurative to non figurative. Modern art at that time was divided between surrealist and purely abstract artist and a fusion between this opposites movement.

The idea of cohexistance in the coherent whole project. Ivestigator.

In the investigator project the idea is to introduce sound, and invite the people to interact with the shapes , my idea maybe is to have a panel with different shapes and colours, each shape Will have a sound if the public touch it, they can create they own composition with sound. the sound Will be related with different countries and religions, and the idea is to explore if public can be in the middle of the sounds exploring feelings and perceptions.


The installation I am creating with 3D object and flat shapes are discarded etchings and old papers, sometimes wastes of the city and already made object all are ensemble them.

Transformation of objects already present in our environment.

Investigate how I could develop wearable objects by decomposing and reassembling materials that are already in circulation.  It inspires me to investigate ways to break down gathered waste materials by drilling ,smashing ,sandblasting, cutting, fragmenting, slicing, and piercing  and to explore strategies for re-assembling these materials into new forms (using repeated actions such as folding,threading and knotting)



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