going back to my background living with pattens and fashion designers.

Julian collage.
deconstructin a dress.

At the exhibition – Speed of though- Julian  did a demonstration deconstructing a dress,  he is working  with the improvisation and allowing mistake  play his role as a chance of a new opportunity for a new way of approaching the artwork , He is a fashion designer but his way of working is very similar to a painter sculptor or a printmaker.

His dresses are like objects, sculptures of paintings, and his pattens are very complex and simple at the same time, I don’t know much about patters but I have seen a lot of them since I was a kid and maybe that’s why also my prototypes look like pattens. I do in a way shapes that looks like pattens but I don’t know how they work, it was a time I wanted to know and to learn but I change my mind .


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