Gary class, deconstructing a shoe

photocopy of soles, deconstructing a shoe
3D object with a sole.
deconstructing the drawing of Gary class
drawing a sole
a construction with a Sole, and a deconstruction of a shoe.

The structural and fisical understanding of a shoe.

Deconstructing a shoe and producing a new object with the materials of the shoe.

We engage with the notion of looking and avoid cliché, using drawing as a different voice, the notion of using materials.

Notion of deconstruct how you actually physically you deconstruct, we will respond to the material we have deconstructed and make a new object a 3D collage.

After the 3D collage we will make a drawing from the object.

Jean finguely is an influence.

Sculptor and experimental artist, he was interested with the concept of destruction as a means of achieving the dematerialization of his works of art.  He expressed his conviction that the essence of both life and art consist of continuous change,movement and instability, finguely was an innovator in his appreciation of the beauty inherent in machines and junk and his use of spectator participation in many of the events he engineered, spectators were able to partially control on determine the movement of his machines


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