the wall at V and A museum with grotesque faces and a deconstructed sole. Exploring materials and different possibilities for the Artefact.

deconstructed plastic sole with grotesque faces.
Plastic sole

After the Class of deconstructing a shoe , I had a sole full of marks and textures, on my table I saw a photo  of the Victoria and Albert museum  the image of the photo was a wall full of briks and grotesque faces looking at you.

I could see the relation with my deconstructed sole with that bricks,  I stick together that two objects, the photo and the sole , apparently complete different but at the same time the same. The old bricks with the new deconstructed sole that looks like briks, old and new, clay and plastic. The antagonism that are always together.

That day at the V and A museum it seems I was attracted by grotesque figures that’s why Dante with the divine Comedy is part of the Artefact I am creating.

Julian Class

Accidents , improvisation and not to know what you are doing it may be the process. not to know what you are doing is to know what you are doing.

Sometimes the artwork can be finish on his own, you leave it for some years and went you go back you see it with fresh eyes or maybe the material has change. Miquel Barcelo the spanish painter left a portrait painting in his studio in Africa for 5 years, when he went back to see that painting it was ¨damage¨ from insects, that accident was perfect on the oil painting, he decide at that moment it was a finish piece.

Accidents can be an opportunity to change direction or a perfect mark for the art, we just have to know how to read between lines.


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