Anna class, exploring materials for the Project 3. Artefact.

how to dye a plastic.
we are producing a paper
Risograph printing.

Sintetic material, iDye Poly.

How I Will dye plastic objects, it Will dye differently depends on the plastic. syntetic, dying with bioplastic

How to dye fabrics, Hazel Stark artist. With turmeric and water to produce a tint in the fabric.

ZarinaArtist , she likes fragil materials, the paper is like skin for her, the materials dictates the process of making the project.

What happen if you dye the environment. Colouring your environment.

Colourscap music festival London.

 Olufsen Eliasson. describres  Different ways that colour influence us.The absence of colour change the perception of the forms.

Peter Sedgley “ light pulse” 1968

Trasnfervinel into fabric,you can apply on different textiles. You use the headpress to transfer image.

Risograph printing.


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