Victoria and Albert museum, Jade Bi and the grotesque bird sculpture are the two object I have chosen for the artefact I am creating.

Rape of a Sabine at Victoria and Albert Museum.
object at Victoria and Albert museum
object at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Sculpture at Victoria and Albert Museum.
Sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum. London. Mirrowing Domenico Gnoli
Paolo Scheggi artist at Estorick collection of Modern Italian Art. London
Rachel kneebone Artist, title of this piece .399 days.

the first object I notice when I went to Victoria and Albert Museum was a grotesque bird  ,then I saw the sculpture the rap of the Sabines, Instantly I  travel in time to Italy when my friend was actin the Dante’s poems in the theatre, I like to observe the scenarios we play in live, they remind me  the Divine comedy of Alighieri.

My second starting point of the artefact was the divine comedy, specially the cone where Dante situate the characters depending of the process of their live. I draw a cone with a line and I decide to call the artefact Circular Line.

The seed of Circular Line object which I decide to called it was already planted in the ground. Borges  the writer also will have some influences on the object I’m creating with his book Labyrinth. He is talking about hexagons, and the hexagons with the cone of Dante it can be a 3D object.

There was not personal or world problem whose eloquent solution did not exit in some hexagon.Borges.

Another influence is Rachel Kneebere  with his artwork of 299 days I saw at the V and A, I could imagine the influence of Rodin with the Gate of Hell.

Domenico gnoli and henry Moore, I admire this two artist for the shapes of their paintings and sculptures, i saw some sculptures at Victoria and Albert museum ( i show on the photos above)that reminds me this two artist.

Paolo Scheggi artist another influence , having the ”circular line ”in mind i saw a fantastic maquet at The Estorick collection .

Grotesque Bird. Arentuan Bolten. Artist

Jade Bi Artefact.

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