First day of the Artefact project .

photo of Lee krasner with shapes of her paintings.
old etching with part of a photo of Nathan.
2 D object,
Repetition of the same shape.

The process of this collages with Nathan photos and some other magazines I had in the studio is about using what is on my table(I want to limit the palette) from this 2D collages I will extract some shapes and i will make 3 D objects. Im looking for the interaction between the form and colour, i did this collages the first day of the Artefact project with the intention of having another perspective and to find 3D shapes on a flat paper.

Some of this images are made with some of my etchings i left on the table, i cut and reassemble again into a new image, in others i have used Nathan photos, and the last one is made with RA magazine.


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