Pink shadows. First day of the Artefact project.

Nathan Graves Tuttle gave me a photo the same day of the artifact project was launch, he  took it at Olafur Eliasson exhibition , after the Class, I went to the studio with Nathan photo and having  in mind the artist Michael Landy with his 3d collages ,I add some new elements and delete other of Nathan photo, I was thinking to do a 3D collage , this was my starting point of the artifact.

Nathan photo was full of shadows and lights and I had that leaflet of lee Krasner on my desk opened on a page with a photo with eyes, and airplane.

For me in that occasion the airplane symbolizes the masculinity, like In some photos of Helmut Newton the plane it looks a phallic symbol and the woman represent the opposite energy.

I delete the shadows of Nathan´s photograph. The shadows of fiction, the eyes represent our perception.

The result from the photo is a  2D collage, but the idea is to extract some shapes and make it into 3D object  or installation, that’s why the artist Michael Landy is a big influence. He take some of his drawings or collages and parts of them he does installation or 2D  and 3D sculptures.

I use  chance most of time for the process of making art, whatever is accesible on the table is what I will use, what’s there is there,( I will not add anything else, or make a new colour or new form) I want to limited my palette ,for me is important to have a limited paled  to let the chance play its role. Everything happen for a reason and if at that moment there is lee Krasner photo ,it must be for a reason, I enjoy the unpredictable ,what will happen or what I will do is there at that day, one can miss some good chances been in the mind thinking what’s next or what I will do . Sometimes I make things  happen, I try to combine and balance or unbalance this process, but having in mid that a failure on the artwork can be the best can happen, if you know how to read between the lines and to see between shapes. Many of the good artworks have happened by accident. Take the chance of the accident, that’s a way ensuring not to repeating yourself  in somehow.

Luisa Mascaro

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