Sketch for an Artefact.

Luisa Mascaro

I did this collage with the intention of abstracting some shapes from this image and make it into 3D object, another option that i thought for this collage is to mix lino cut with photo etching and could be a 2D object . this has been inspired by the artist Michael Rothenstein i saw at the Victoria and Albert museum .

is a off-cut of wild elm, dried 2 cracked, became the radial pattern of this image, with metal relief plates as its multi-coloured target. Another piece of elm overprinted with jagged lino formed the lower elements. rothenstein recalled how a family picnic against a ” great wall” of off-cut elmboards, prompted him to ‘conspire’ with nature, embedding it in the very process and texture of his prints.

this print made from the artist Michael Rothenstein attracted me for the circular shape in the middle of the paper, i had already in mid the cone of Dante and the hexagons of Borges.

i saw other lino cuts from other artist at Victoria and Albert museum, for me the lino cut itself was an artefact.

Michael Rothenstein (1908-93)


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