More research. Thomas Gosebruch and Pier Kirkeby.

Thomas Gosebruch came into my mind this morning, he is one of my ex tutors and probably he will be again (I hope so), I was thinking about printmaking probably that’s why. The other reason is because I want to do an Artist Residency in Venice this will happen this spring I have just done all the paper work to go there, there is a wonderful print studio in front of the canal with a lot of natural light , I am thinking how to link the printmaking with investigator project, I would like to keep developing the project from RCA into prints in Venice, that’s why I will start reading and looking to Pier kirkeby and Thomas Gosebruch, I think they can be fantastic influence.


expressive drawings with pencil, ink and oil, to sculptures made with extruded lines of clay, what he considers drawings in 3D.

A prolific artist, Kirkeby used a range of different media. He was a member of the Fluxus group and was influenced by Pop art in the 1960s. Later he was influenced by Tachism and Abstract Expressionism. The vigorous brushwork and chromatic beauty of his, mostly untitled, paintings and the sensuous modelling of his rough black bronzes have earned him the title “lyric expressionist”. The paintings, which tend towards the abstract, bear veiled iconographic reference, largely to the Danish landscape and the female figure.

shapes from the 3D objects. and the 3D objects are from some etchings that relates to Paracelsus Rose. about leting go.


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