Critical thinking for the piece called duality , an approach that continues to cannibalise itself.

Rupert Harris critical thinking for this piece that I created during my flight to Barcelona, I needed a lift for my mood and I decide to check my work in my mobil to see if I could have new ideas and change destructive thoughts for creative ones during my flight. After the flight I contact my friend Rupert for a feedback and food for my mood , hope I entertain him also, I have a lot of consideration and admiration for him, he is a poet and a painter and his work is brilliant out of the crowd and absolultly not commercial but yes AUTHENTIC, saying that I am not saying that commercial art is not authentic, I Will keep speaking about this after a conversation with my friend.

I told him that this piece Will be the final piece once I have added some letters with photoshop, his answer is that the photo makes a lot of sense in the context of your work. It’s yet another image generated out of its own reference point. Black and White also Works brilliantly well, in that it produces a tonal range that is flatter and could easily be a drawing. Making a drawing from the phot might actually be the next stage in an approach that continues to cannibalise itself. Your art explores a process of assimilation, not into some other external entity, but into itself, and in doing so transmutes into something new, rather tan into nothing. Keep up the Good work. xx

I did this piece one year ago before I start my studies at the RCA but now I am manipulating the piece changing colours of the photos and Photoshop. This piece Will be in constant transformation .

Duality. Carl Gustave Jung.

Influenced by Eastern phylosophies.

Jung adopted a dualistic framework of positive psycology he recognized that duality is the fact of human nature. Every good quality has its bad side and nothing that is good can come into the world without directly producing a corresponding evil.

One example of this duality is that we cannot achieve wholeness without integrating the dark side of the self.


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