Collage in the space.SHAPES AND SHADOWS.

Collage in the space.

I am looking for various ways of doing compositions, using cheap materials like paper, plaster and plastic. In the research of Phyllida Barlow I read about the informalism, some of the principals of informalism as well of Phyllida are non geometric abstraction, keeping the materiality of painting away from the non figurative and figurative form, emphasizing the color and material as its subject .

This is Amy sillmans writing.

I’VE HARDLY FOUND ANY BOOKS TO READ ABOUT SHAPE. There are centuries of ideas about color, but really barely any literature on shape. My actual starting point for this show was research I did on a painter who works a lot with shape, named Prunella Clough, an English postwar abstract painter. Her work and her context were really interesting, but she was part of a whole group of artists who were swept aside with the ascendency of Pop, and artists who worked more with language and media, work that is conventionally taken to be more “radical.” Prunella was a fierce, freethinking, uncooperatively personal sort of poet-inventor, and she worked intimately with composition and shape, but those things just got labeled as really OUT, fusty stuff, so after she died, she seemed to just disappear. That made me mad. So I started looking at shape as I looked at Clough, as a structural problem. And realized there was nothing much good to read about it.

I needed the shapes to propose something: I needed tension, and skin, and subjectivity, anxiety, discomfort, crisis.


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