taking a line for a walk.Navigators.

Luisa Mascaro
Taking a line for a walk is about making a draw with a line that is following me while I am walking, I am walking with no direction,, I imagine the line behind me and this line is leaving a mark .I translate this from my mind on a paper. The original drawing has been made in the first Project. AI Manifresto,but I keep working on this drawing imagining a line walking in the city, I Will keep doing more drawing base in this drawing and adding other drawings with lines that has been left behind while I am exploring the city.
sometimes i Will draw in a piece of paper where i have allready started a different process ,one of the process I am doing now with a piece of paper is this process,i Will explain next .

the process of obscuration where the found image is blurred, In the background there is a haze of color and after I Will start a layering process, adding ink and acrylic marks , Paint and eras bits of etchings and magazines that come all together  with confluence of energetic and decisive marks responding to the varied histories.
I am  bringing elements of the under paintings to the surface and I think, this kind of material process is very interesting.
I want to move away from the desire of reading them
The conection with the city is layering the time.and this two different process can be made at the same time,the second process can be made when i arrive to the studio after been in the city drawing the line,then I can do the other process on top of the taking a line for a walk,then i can go back to my walking process,and like this i can keep going on till I satúrate the paper, lee krasner is one of the influences for this experiment.

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