Creative Writing

Thoughts while we navigate London.

We are sitting on a branch at Barbican, we realize It is about movement, the wind is blowing that way the water moving towards us and making a sound,  The people are moving in different speed but the water is constant.

We were wandering about the history of the Barbican, and at the same time looking how things are changing constantly at that present moment, out of the blue we felt very existentialist with no answers, but the seagull came to us and it came to our mind the first question.

Is the seagull the answer?

So what is the question?

Now two seagulls, that means there are two answers, of what question?

Sometimes there is more than one answer to the question.

 To many elements around us to look at, we also saw Monet images of his paintings on the water and Sonia Delaneau on the walls. Art all around us.

Another thing we want to explore is about how to travel the city, going to the same place coming from different places, we want to go on something and up something we are fascinated about this staircase where people move up and down, while the clouds go around the planet, as they have done for millenniums and we are at Barbican looking all this new building, smelling baking bread and looking at the gabs between spaces and time,  Barbara Hepworth  speaks about the idea of looking through and the connection between things. The sense of place. Sound and smell and textures, how the sound relate the space. The hearing becoming visual, experience of Synaesthesia.

Relationship between the buildings ,we started drawing them, going back and forward with different medias, and knowing that  the drawing is the process of looking, we draw a piece of music and we make a piece of music by drawing, Notion  of interpretation , notion of the city.

We will not have new thoughts unless we get unbalance.

 Alternatives ways to record experience.

The day after we went to Westminster Abbey, we had new thoughts because we were unbalanced.

There were people gathering in the squares. Every city has their own hubs, where people meet. All squares are different meeting places and they have their own charm. Restaurants, taverns, bars, cafés… are places which bring people together. An image of the last supper was in front of us. What a wonderful experience that was! we were feeling as though we were traveling in time. It is like being in a Jorge Luis Borge´s tale, where past, present and future are part of the same reality.

There was a violinist playing in the street.  Chalkie was texting me telling me that she would arrive soon.  She wants to do an app for the project. I feel excited about this new project at the RCA. The violinist stopped playing and started picking up pieces of paper on the floor putting them in the bin. I was mesmerised by this beautiful action. In my mind the traffic came to a halt and I could only hear the seagulls. It was a magical moment! Chalkie arrived with a beautiful smile and full of ideas.

She was telling me about “Alice in Wonderland”. We decided that we would call the APP “Down the rabbit hole”


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