Artist Research for investigator Project.

I am thinking to use Steel material like Almuth Tebbenhoff, I dont think it Will be for this Project becouse I prefere to explore new shapes and composition and to make photos and the final piece for investigator Project Will be the photo itself.

Almuth Tebbenhoff has never been afraid to experiment with new processes or materials. Born in Germany and originally trained as a ceramicist, Tebbenhoff is known to work in clay, wood, bronze, stone and steel. Though she focuses on sculpture, she often uses drawing as a method to feed concepts into her unique and colourful creations. She says:

“The concerns are similar, whichever material I use: balancing opposing forces and creating new harmonies. I find inspiration in the natural world around me and in astronomical space. Because it is so incomprehensibly vast, I make small models that are abstractions of my feelings: about love, life, death, sex, soul, God, art, myself… all this whilst being sucked by gravity on to a spinning ball, hurtling through space at 66,000 mph.”

Bill Woodrow. title Fingerswarm.

Bill Woodrow.

For Bill Woodrow making sculpture is a process of understanding what’s in his head. He says that only after I’ve made things do I start understanding the conceptual reasoning behind them.

‘This theme, The Beekeeper – Metaphors and analogies – the relationship between bees and humans and of each to the world, different systems, the way they intermingle; how one relies on the other. It can be a symbiotic relationship. Allow things to emerge without questioning why.

There is the cliché‚ about the ‘finger in the honey pot’… an allusion to human consumerism. Even in the highest technological endeavours we’re part of a natural system. But perhaps non-human systems have an inbuilt way of regulating their relationship with the world and humans haven’t quite got that right.’

For me this piece is a bit surreal and In the future I am interested with ready made object and make my own combination with them one of the influence Will be Nancy fouts, Duchamp, June Crespo, Bill Woodrow.


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