Artist research.They shall allow vision rather than be seen.

From these 2 artist I am more interested with the message of their art rather than their materials.

I would like to write a bit of what i have read about Emma Kunz .

For her, each combination of color, shape and thickness of line, drawn with graphyte and color pencil, held significance. Acknowledging her drawings potential to offer different readings over time, or to hold layers of meaning, Kunz would use existing drawings as guides to diagnose patients seeking her help for ailments of the body and mind. Her drawings are visual manifestations of her spiritual and philosophycal research.

AION A by Kunz, meaning ´without limittion´ it is still available as a refined mineral remedy in pharmacies across Szitzerland. Kunz continually returned to this quarry, with its harmonising effects and energies.

She was a Healer ,researcher and artist. She did not recibe a formal art education, yet in her lifetime she self published three books and produced hundreds of geometric drawings.

Kunz’s drawings are immediately striking for their size, precisión, colourfulness, complexity and variety.At first they can appear to be repetitive, their variety overlaid by misleading associations with the spirography and with the symmetrical shifting patterns of the Kaleidoscope. It son turns out that what appeared to be the kinds of repetitions and simple symmetries typical of these devices is an illusion. the drawings are on a visually immersive scale, the viewer’s gaze switches between detail and whole, taking in the overall often pulsating rhythm of the meticulously precise lines. Symmetry is often illusory.


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