Pink Floyd and Jockum Nordstrom.ANIMATION FILM WITH NORBERT SZABO AND HENRY SIMPSON.I did the drawings from this blog last year,I just would like to develop them for an animation film.

This new scenario is happening, in this new scenario it Will act Norbert Szabo musician and a song writter, Henry Simpson-Gray film maker, and I am doing the animations, my influences are and Will be Gerald Scarfe ,Jockum Nordstrom, Pink Floyd , William Kentridge and Amy Sillmans.

My intention is to make installations and drawings of the matamophosis of consciousness.

I’m talking in terms of present and future because I’m already planting the seed and is happening now in terms of unfolding the time. I am just recording some research on my block for the fun project.

William Kentridge.Animations.

Amy Sillmans animations will also be an influence on the film. The perspective of this painting is interesting becouse that remains me Dante’s cone, when humans go to hell. this is not related to the good and the bad, the point of this video is to go above the good and the bad, but at the same time to move forward in a higher consciousness.

from abstract installations and abstract objects or shapes Will become birds, from birds to humans, from humans to flowers, from flowers to monsters, from monsters to destructions, from destruction to new born, and like this going in circle. From black and white Will be color, from color to black and White.I think i Will have to look for an assistant it Will be my second animation and i know that for 30 sec i Will need to do a lot of drawings.

this photo is from last year studio at KCC.I would like to make an animation from this shapes and everything Will be moving and becoming other shapes, is an ongoing Project.

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