Erica Winston Artist. Today I saw her fantastic and inspiring exhibition.

Erika Winstone. Artist.

Erika Winstone an Artist and my ex tutor of Kensington and Chelsea College of Art. Today I have just seen the exhibition . the Duration.

I am very interested in her material process . How she manipulate the materials , the layers of colours and the relationship binding her personal life with art practice and other cultural references.

The Beaconsfield installation exhibits the methodology that winstone engages in her exploration of the relationships binding her personal life with art practice and other cultural references. Winstone’s unique approaxh starts with a studio-based painting and drawing practice where different grounds( Wood,canvas,glass or paper) are vuilt up and then pared away, often with a metal instrument to expose layers of color and texture beneath.

Winstone regards the text in her paintings as signage, pointing to her original drawing sources in moving image. Film titles souble as signifiers of deeper content: letters on Wood have been drilled and scored in a manner that refers both to an uncanny phenomenon the artista witnessed as a teenager and also to previous Wall drawings in plaster.

The cental video work of the installation. La Duree, twins two mother/daughter relationships separeted by three decades. Winstone and her daughter re-enact from memory, on original location, scenes from the French new wave film Le Pont du Nord (1981) by Jacques Rivette, starring mother and daughter actresses, Bulle and Pascale Ogier. The video explores intergenerational and intercontinental relationships: who we are and who we would like to be. These themes are extended through interrelated drawings on glass and canvas. The intertwened life of Winstone´s paintings, drawings and videoworks becomes the self-reflexive subject of subsequent moving image sequences, which are then staged in the gallery in relation to static Works.


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